Welcome to the Assignment Evaluator project

Assignment Evaluator is a Ruby on Rails web application that allows teachers create tests, quizzes or exercises online. The application grades the assignments. As of now, it supports:

  1. short answer: checks if the student entered the answer the teacher wanted.
  2. keyword answer: checks if the student entered an answer that contains certain keywords the teacher wanted. The keywords can be given partial credit.
  3. listing answer: checks if the student entered a list of items. The teacher can specify that the items be ion order for the answer to be correct. Each item can be also graded by looking for keywords or by looking at the whole item.
  4. multiple choice: Checks is the student chose the answer specified by the teacher.
  5. essay: it will not check if the answer is correct, but allows the teacher to read the answer entered by the student and grade the answer manually.

All those question types can be adjusted by specifying to check for case and blank spaces in the answers.

We are working on adding support for:

  1. essay: grade by using rubrics.
  2. math answer: the teacher will not have to calculate the correct, he just needs to enter the formula or equation.

Use it as a Template

Assignment Evaluator* can also be used as a template for your Rails application. If you need to build an application that needs Ajax scaffolding with filtering and sorting support, login system for users and Ajax based wizards you may use Assignment Evaluator as your starting point instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Future use as a Student Information Sytem

We are planning on converting Assignment Evaluator into a full featured Student Information Sytem. You may noticed that we already have some support for entering sutdents, teachers, and their classes.